• 阿比达尔:马斯切拉诺配得上所有人的尊重

    'I heard you last night,' said Dudley breathlessly. Talking in your sleep. Moaning.'

  • 邓特蒙:接下来要保证思想集中

    'I'm a Squib, as Mundungus knows full well, so how on earth was I supposed to help you fight off Dementors? He left you completely without cover when I'd warned him - '

  • 踢球者:阿森纳有意狼堡左边卫R罗

    A fist made contact with the side of Harry's head, lifting him off his feet. Small white lights popped in front of his eyes. For the second time in an hour Harry felt as though his head had been cleaved in two; next moment, he had landed hard on the ground and his wand had flown out of his hand.

  • 郭士强:盼三主力尽早完成续约

    'GET IT!' Harry bellowed, and with a rushing, roaring sound, the silver stag he had conjured came galloping past him. The Dementor's eyeless face was barely an inch from Dudley's when the silver antlers caught it; the thing was thrown up into the air and, like its fellow, it soared away and was absorbed into the darkness; the stag cantered to the end of the alleyway and dissolved into silver mist.

  • 镜报:埃弗顿欲开600万年薪邀科曼执教

    An enormous silver stag erupted from the tip of Harry's wand; it's antlers caught the Dementor in the place where the heart should have been; it was thrown backwards, weightless as darkness, and as the stag charged, the Dementor swooped away, bat-like and defeated.

  • 防拜仁挖?图片报:多特想和魏格尔续约两年

    'W-what are you d-doing? St-stop it!'

  • 郭士强:季后赛每场都是生死战

    'Yes - they - have!' yelled Mrs Figg, swinging the bag of cat food at every bit of Mundungus she could reach. 'And - it - had - better - be - you - and - you - can - tell - him - why - you - weren't - there - to - help!'